Privacy protection, redefined.

State-of-the-art privacy technology that delivers better data insights to every enterprise.

Ultimate privacy protection for an unpredictable world.

New attacks are rendering conventional privacy approaches ineffective. Differential privacy has emerged as a mathematically proven answer to getting the most out of your data — and that’s where we come in.

Future-proof Protection

Able to resist not only known attacks, but also attacks not yet invented.

High Accuracy

Accurately preserve key patterns and insights, supporting multiple queries at once.


Tailored to the privacy and accuracy needs of our clients and their stakeholders.


Built on a secure and auditable open-source software platform.

Differential privacy done differently.

SafeTables, our premier solution, enables the effective use of data while respecting individual privacy. With it, companies can release safe data summaries that can power data science and machine learning applications. We deliver our solutions with in-house setup and continued support, offering advanced differential privacy that’s future-proof.

Customer success stories

"We turned to Tumult Labs to design and implement our most challenging data release problem—how to provide half a billion statistics efficiently, accurately, and usefully from the hundreds of millions of records collected from every household in the country. These statistics describe the racial, ethnic and tribal populations of America in detail only available from the decennial census. Tumult’s excellent tools taught our expert demographers how to design these statistical summaries in a manner that ensured their fitness for use while provably guaranteeing the confidentiality of the underlying microdata. Tumult’s software, deployed on our internal Disclosure Avoidance System, will do its work in a few hours, but the tools will be reused within the Census Bureau for the next decade."

U.S. Census Bureau
John M. Abowd, PhD
Chief Scientist
Research and Methodology

“We were fortunate to work with Tumult for a government client and found them possessing deep expertise in privacy technology and a pleasure to work with.”

Data and Analytic Solutions
Dawn Li