Proven privacy solutions, tailored to your business needs.

To ensure effective sharing of sensitive data we provide a suite of offerings to help organizations of any size assess, design and deploy best-in-class differentially private solutions.


Tumult Labs leverages unparalleled expertise in privacy research, information security and sensitive data sharing to provide a detailed assessment of your organization’s current practices.

Assess includes:

• Evaluation of the sensitive data sources to be shared, including regulation and data governance constraints, along with end-user analytics goals.
• Assessment of existing tools in use for data protection, if applicable.
• A rigorous explanation of how differential privacy can be applied to the data sources, including the formal privacy protection guaranteed.
• The outcome includes a detailed report and presentation to key stakeholders.


Tumult Labs will create a customized design for applying differential privacy to meet your organization’s information sharing requirements. Our designs always reflect best-practices for configuring differentially private systems.

Design includes:

• Algorithms that are customized to the accuracy requirements of the organization.
• A report detailing expected accuracy measures for desired levels of privacy protection.
• A detailed plan for deployment and integration with existing infrastructure.


Deployment of a best-in-class solution, on-premises or in the cloud, achieving the design goals previously identified.

Our deployed solutions are built on the Tumult platform, the same hardened software platform adopted by US government agencies.