Differential privacy, done differently

The Tumult Platform is the most advanced software platform for designing and deploying differentially private solutions

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Empower your team to use and share data in new ways

The Tumult Platform allows data scientists and software engineers to build sophisticated differentially private workflows leveraging Python and Apache Spark.

Easy-to-use APIs

Rapidly develop using familiar APIs similar to Pandas and Spark.

Powerful and flexible

Perform sophisticated private analyses, interactive queries, or generate synthetic data.


Runs effortlessly on input tables containing billions of rows.

Hardened, vetted code

Built on a secure foundation that ensures end-to-end differential privacy.

Tumult Analytics

Implement sophisticated differentially private applications using a simple Python API.

Easy to use, open-source API

Build sophisticated workflows using:

Data transformations (filters, joins, user-defined functions)

Private aggregations (counts, sums, quantiles, and more)

Batch Analytics

Define analytics workflows that run once or at regular intervals to generate shareable analytics.

Interactive Analytics

Wrap a sensitive data source in an interactive interface that analysts can repeatedly query.

Tumult Synthetics


Generate tabular data that is statistically similar to sensitive source data.  Share it widely because it satisfies end-to-end differential privacy.

Award-winning accuracy

Designed with award-winning technology for the greatest statistical fidelity.

Scalable and efficient

Synthesize from large data sources without GPUs or days of computation.

Proven privacy, built on a trusted foundation

The robust protection offered by differential privacy is only as good as the implementation that underlies it. The Tumult Analytics APIs are built on our sophisticated privacy foundation, Tumult Core, which mediates access to sensitive data and means that every program and application comes with an embedded proof of privacy.

State-of-the-art variants of differential privacy

Vulnerability-free noise addition mechanisms

Data transformations with automated stability tracking

Secure random number generation

Rapid deployment with expert guidance available

We’ve made our platform intuitive and easy-to-use so you can start generating differentially private results quickly. But if your team needs assistance along the way, Tumult’s tutorials, training sessions, and bootcamps can help. And our recognized experts are always available for a consultation.

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