Solutions for the Public Sector start with the ability to share data safely

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Ensure your mandated statistical products are rigorously protected against disclosure risk, while increasing the quality and utility of your data.

our process

A collaborative, calibrated process to assure utility while maintaining privacy

Proven with data-driven leaders in the public sector, our process and platform deliver on your specific goals.

Define the problem
Outline the problem, explaining the data release purpose, strategy, privacy considerations, error metrics, and a pseudocode algorithm draft.
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Confirm the viability of using DP
Using default hyperparameters, see if it is possible to conduct a differentially- private data aggregation.
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Decide on error metrics to optimize
Develop internal error metrics to assess the utility of the differentially-private dataset, considering that while added noise is necessary for privacy, excessive noise can compromise data usefulness.
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Experiment with a wide variety of hyperparameters
Before finalizing error metrics, conduct a grid search on hyperparameters such as output threshold, noise scale, and keyset to find the optimal set using the predefined error metrics.
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Productionize the pipeline
Finalize the script with integrated error calculation and privacy loss logging, then automate its execution to run at regular intervals.

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How we use differential privacy

Extract powerful data from sensitive data, while maintaining privacy

Raw personal data: too sensitive to use
Protective transformation, with DP
Safe to share summary data. DP offers valuable insights with guaranteed privacy.

Differential Privacy powers a responsible, defensible, future-proof approach to privacy.

Solutions for the public sector

Why is DP an ideal fit for the public sector’s data sharing use cases?

Differential privacy enhances privacy in public sector data sharing, supporting the improvement of public services and policy making without compromising individual privacy. It enables data analysis, policymaking, and research while protecting individual confidentiality.

This approach, mathematically proven to safeguard privacy, boosts public trust, crucial in times of increasing data breaches and privacy concerns. With assured privacy protection, individuals are more likely to share data, improving public dataset quality and accuracy.

case studies

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Illuminating college outcomes, while protecting privacy

Public Sector

Joining sensitive data sets from the Department of Education and the IRS in a way that protected privacy resulted in College Scorecard - a platform that allows students and families to simultaneously consider the cost and evidenced outcomes of a range of possible degrees.

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